Successful Meeting

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As a meeting organizer you have a moral responsibility to be of value to the attendees. If you called a meeting and you are not fully prepared for the meeting, you have robbed people of their valuable time. Meetings cost companies resources, time and money.

It is not uncommon to find yourselves in a meeting where the organizer is winging it. People do notice whether or not you are prepared, whether they are adding value to the meeting, or gaining anything out of the meeting. Sadly, there are websites that coach you on how to wing a meeting.

It is a crime to call a meeting without an agenda 🙂 Its not hard to put together an agenda if you know the objective of the meeting. If you do not have an objective, then why do you want to meet? Now these are the easy parts of requesting the meeting. While they are important and give structure to a meeting, how do you improve the success of your meetings?

  • First, it is essential you do your homework. Yes, work is somewhat like school! What do you or the audience need to know/do before the meeting so that the items in the agenda can be discussed productively? For important meetings, you may have to do have preparatory sessions with a subset of the invitees if needed.
  • If you expect someone to present, discuss this with them in advance and get their presentation material ahead of time.
  • If you are the subject matter expert, then think about what you want your audience to take away and design your presentation accordingly.
  • Have clear call to action.
  • Ensure people know their deliverable by sending out the meeting recording, action items, etc.

Hope these help you to make the best use of everyone’s time. Happy meeting! Please share your tips for a productive meeting or horror stories about some of the worst meetings you’ve been in 🙂

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