Big rock, Small rock

In Uncategorized on February 3, 2010 at 8:58 am

Valuable employee time is often wasted in petty issues such as deciding the slide theme for a customer presentation. An organization can enable the team to be productive by following some basic steps:

  • Provide a standard template for the company. This ensures consistent branding. This also frees-up employee time on discussing which template is better.
  • Train the employees to focus on the big rocks & then fit in small rocks. For instance, a big rock is how do we develop the content that the customer needs. On the other hand small rocks are nice to have features which do not impact decision making for a product. Another example: A small rock is the presentation template whereas a big rock is the presentation itself, what is said and how it is said.
  • Develop the practice to understand the needs of the audience / customer and then focus your work around that. Organizations can enable this by providing all the basic infrastructure needed to get the work done.

Imagine the success and experience coming out of a positive working atmosphere, where the team focuses on the customer! If you get the customer needs wrong, nothing else matters. You may have the best looking product, but it is just that! It doesn’t serve the needs of the customer. Keep the big picture in mind and eliminate the distractions. Filling your time with small rocks leaves no time for big rocks!

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