Business Communications

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Effective communication is essential to run any business. Any communication involves a sender and a receiver. Often times, the sender is not clear themselves about what they would like to communicate and therefore amplify confusion in the organization. Asking some basic questions should help to alleviate the pain.

  • What is the objective of your communication?
  • What is your bottom-line? What do you want your audience to take away?
  • Know your audience well to communicate effectively. How much do they know about your topic? What questions will the reader ask? Also keep in mind WIIFM.
  • Are you the right person to send out the communication?

Most business communications fall in some basic categories listed below. Each of these categories has templates that you can use or modify to suit your needs if you find yourselves in a writers block.

  • Inform the audience. Example: strategic direction, status, change
  • Influence the audience to move from point A to point B
  • Implementation plan
  • Meeting minutes, Action items
  • Process explanation
  • Results, Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Observations
  • Evaluation
  • Request for action

Use a positive tone and position your message according to the anticipated reaction (support or oppose) from the reader. It is common knowledge that a communication (IM, Voice Mail or Email) in the corporate world is not private. Yet many people are careless and then get frustrated when their content is made public. Communication is a great tool if used effectively. It can either make or break a deal.


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