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Do you get bored with doing the same thing over and over again? There are several jobs that require you to be repetitive. For instance, a post man goes door to door everyday to deliver mails. You have to do dishes at your home every time you cook. But, you can still look for ways to reduce your involvement in these repetitive tasks.

If you are a developer, what aspects of development can you automate? Can you write scripts or develop applications to help you with setting up the test structure? If you are a business analyst, how can you focus on information instead of data? Can you automate the data generation? If you are a marketeer, can you automate the setup to gather information internally & broadcast externally?

Once you have done some level of automation / standardization, you can look for opportunities to improve the process. Is there one step that is slowing you down causing a bottleneck? Can you break it down into multiple small steps and process them in parallel? Once you have addressed this step, you can identify the next bottle neck and fix it. Overtime, your process improves and you can focus on more value added tasks. For instance, a marketeer can focus on face time with customer instead of the back office work. A little thought and planning can go a long way in improving your productivity and reducing boredom from repetitiveness.

I’d like to hear your examples on how you improved your work. Please leave your comments.

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