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There are tons of blogs on how to blog. Its quite intriguing to see how the same information is rehashed in multiple ways. So what works & what doesn’t? How much time should you spend on blogs?

Do you have an agenda, a plan, a goal for your blog? What are you trying to achieve? Have an online diary or provide information on a particular subject? Before you start, you might find the following information useful:

  1. Identify the content you want to post
  2. Decide the frequency of posting
  3. Who is your target market

Today’s reader community mostly scans the content. Target your content to be just few paragraphs and focus on headlines:

  1. You can find info about catchy headlines here. Have true but attractive headline that urges the reader to open the link.
  2. Use twitter to publish links to your blog. You can find tips on good twitter headlines here. Keep tweets to 7-8 words max.
  3. Engage the audience. Don’t beat around the bush.

Blogging is just one of the many items on your marketing plan. Its is not an end in itself, just a means to get the news out. So, have a structure on your efforts & time for blogging.

Social networks come and go. MySpace is no longer hot, but facebook is. It might be some other site tomorrow. WAYN did not pick up as much as Twitter did. Have a plan on how to migrate your clientele when some of these sites are no longer hot.

I’d like to hear from you on how much time you spend on blogging and where it fits in your marketing portfolio. Please leave your comments.

  1. To learn the five key areas for successful management. Marketing Plan

  2. It is really good that you have put together a blog post providing guideliness. It is such timely nudge which makes readers go back to writing their blogs. The first time I thought of blogging I thought I had a great realization. I felt that I have this wonderful tool which will help me capture my thoughts on a daily basis. Soon my enthusiasm waned. Last year when I was busy with my MBA I blogged atleast a couple of times a week. But not that I am free, I do not write even once a month. Thats the irony. Marketing wise I do not have a product except myself. So I blog to give the readers and prospects a glimpse of what they can expect from me.

  3. […] service relevant to the target audience. Being second can also be an effective strategy. In this web 2.0 era, a lot applications come and go. You might benefit from waiting to find out what really works and […]

  4. What if you just blog for the satisfaction of writing/expressing? If you look at my blog, there is no one particular direction to my entries. They are just a random collection of thoughts, ideas or maybe even just what I’ve read on the web. Now that I have such randomness as the theme of my blog, I randomly (frequency) post articles on random topics (content) that attract a random audience (target market). Do I need to get more organized? Heck, yeah! Will I? Mmm…maybe not! Why? Because I love the randomness.

    PS: This isn’t cynicism or criticism, but just my opinion and the facts about my own blog. 🙂

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