Visual Presentation

In Uncategorized on December 11, 2009 at 9:29 pm

The adage that a picture speaks thousand words rings a bell quite often. Staring at a 2-page long email or sitting through a 30 minute long presentation where you think you almost got it only to realize that the speaker confused you yet again can be frustrating. Most concepts can be conveyed simply and clearly using pictures. If you are stuck and don’t know where to start, here are two tips:

  1. Is your goal to move audience from point A to point B? Draw the as-is state & the to-be state? Can you map them?
  2. Is your goal to inform the audience? Draw the benefits.

With cheap storage and the advent of bountiful applications, data is everywhere. If you want to standout from the crowd, garner information instead of presenting data. You can use a variety of applications to do that. Excel helps to convert data to charts & helps to identify trends and patterns. Business Intelligence is another way to gather data and provide meaningful information. These can provide insights into what needs to be improved or addressed.

When I am stuck, I just start with the age-old cliched technique of using a paper and pen instead of a computer. First, unlike a computer, it doesn’t limit me to what I can draw. Next I can draw free flow in no time compared to getting those shapes correct and arrows aligned in a computer. This freedom enables me to express freely and capture the thoughts into pictures. Its much easier to transfer this to a computer later. As a manager / leader, it is important to be productive. Instead of spending cycles on data, use information to move the organization to the next step. When you combine yours with information from other organizations, silos can be broken. A leader is one who can look both within and outside the team to do the right thing for the organization. Use visual presentation to your advantage.


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