Phone Meeting Etiquette

In Uncategorized on December 4, 2009 at 8:51 pm

It is annoying to be in a meeting with poor logistics. In a meeting with a large audience, the phone beeps every time someone joins or leaves the meeting. Then you have people planning their lunches & manicures in the background without hitting the mute button. This background conversation becomes more interesting than that of the actual presenter’s. Been there? Experienced that? I was in a meeting once where 200+ people knew where one guy was going to meet his date for dinner 🙂 Follow some basic steps to keep your focus:

For the host: While it is very important to have a proper objective & agenda for a meeting, it is equally important that the logistics be addressed carefully. Most conferencing services allow you to select various options while you set up the meeting. This should address most of the issues discussed above. While there are plenty of conferencing applications out there, choose one that works best for your audience size. [Leave me your email if you’d like to know my favorite software.]

As an attendee, you can also follow a few simple guidelines so that you are not bothering others. If you are not talking, mute the phone. If you’d like to make a point, raise your hand in the conference software instead of speaking over someone. You can also use the chat option and send your question to the host / presenter directly instead of the entire audience.


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