Meeting Objective

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How often do you get frustrated because you do not know what the other person is expecting from you at work? You spend 30 mins in a meeting and at the end wonder what it was about. Following basic steps can result in better use of everyone’s time & yield better results.

First, have an objective for every meeting. Make it clear to the participants what you’d like to get accomplished here. Is the purpose of the meeting to Inform, Brainstorm, Analyze, Decide, Approve, etc. Next, evaluate if you need to send any information ahead of the time to the attendees so that they can be prepared.

At the beginning of the meeting, ensure that all parties are clear with the objective. This helps everyone to begin with the end in mind & pay attention accordingly. If the discussion takes a tangent, you can always guide the participants back to the objective. Many arguments & frustrations can be avoided with some thought and planning.

You may also be interested in the article about the importance of agenda. While objective helps with the goal, agenda gives a structure to the meeting.

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