Social Network & Your Network

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2009 at 1:02 am

Social network is a big game changing phenomena. It has enabled people to stay in touch more frequently. Can you imagine getting an email from me to tell you where I am now? Or a phone call to tell you that I just had the best sandwich ever? How about I contact you to tell you about that article on WSJ or a boring movie I watched last night because I couldn’t sleep? Before the next time I contact you, I will be in your banned list.

On the other hand, social networks have enabled people to share these information to a broader audience. You can read about it if you care or choose to ignore some of your contact’s posts. This ability to be selective has increased the amount of information sharing. It enables to get to know people you’ve met occasionally. It helps to get closer & provide conversation topics with your contacts. After all, taking interest in others is a big part of networking.

The hit or miss of any social network to you depends on the size of your own network. A site like facebook requires you to know people so that you can read their posts. On the other hand, twitter enables you to reach out to strangers using hash tags in your tweets. To be really successful, take time to read other’s posts and comment on them or risk having a couple of dedicated followers commenting on your post while others happily ignore. Also, engage the audience by asking questions in some of your posts. People like to share their ideas. Post interesting articles and videos. Don’t spam. Happy networking.


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