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Teaching Humanity?

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2009 at 5:41 am

Work is hectic. Deliverable is due tomorrow. Too much to do at home. Need to drive children to school & special classes. Have the alumni meeting this week. Bill payments are due today. Oh, I’ve to pick up the jacket from the dry cleaners & buy milk on my way home. All these sound familiar & a normal part of life? You are not alone.  With busy lives, it is not uncommon to forget to pay attention to the things around you. For instance, someone just drove by when another person fell down & needed help. It is basic humanity to reach out to someone and offer help in a situation like this. However, pre-occupied with the to-do list, something like this does not even click in the human brain. It is therefore no surprise that humanity has to be taught in schools, particularly in the graduate program. Now, how do we ensure that people recall the lessons when it is needed the most? Perhaps another course for that? Or an App for that? 🙂