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Being successful in business requires one to think, plan, execute, and articulate. If you are just focused on the benefits of the idea and what it means to you, you’ll find yourself alone. It is important to know who your stakeholders are and what drives them. “Whats in it for me – WIIFM” is a mantra for influencing your stakeholders.

Lets say you have an idea that will save 10 hrs of your effort every week & you need $5000 to execute it. Why should anyone else give you money to implement it? Whats in it for them, though the benefits to you are obvious. Explain to them how you can give back part of the 1o hrs by working on some of their projects, or how having an automated system means accurate & timely information for them. Show them what the current status is, what the drawbacks are, what the implications to their business are, how the new idea is better & will address these issues, and how their life is better off with the new solution.